Preparation for a Newborn Session

You can see more sample images for family portrait sessions in Newborn Gallery.

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How you prepare yourself for the photo session is very important to receive good images at the end of the photo session.  

For a newborn baby session, ideally the baby will stay asleep during the session. So I will be gently moving the baby through poses. No rush during the session... We can take a lot of breaks for feeding or cuddling as needed. You and the baby will be relaxed in that way and it will show in the images.

To give us enough time without rush, the session time is up to four hours. All the extra time for breastfeeding, changing diapers, and cleaning up for accidents is expected, so please don't freak out if your baby takes a lot of time to fall asleep. 

So the time we have with the happy sleepy baby is actually pretty short during the four hours.  I usually do about 5 poses. If you have any specific images you would like with your baby, please share them with me. They can be some other photographers' images.

1. Setting your newborn session date

Please email or text me after you deliver your baby as soon as you can, so we can set the date and time of your session. The best time to photograph newborn babies is when they are between six days old to two weeks old. 

If you have a baby boy and he is getting circumcised, please allow 5 days after the surgery before the session to give it time to heal.  

2. What I would like to borrow from you for the session

I may ask for three bath towels or blankets you can wash: to form a foundation underneath the backdrop to support the baby.

If you have a portable space heater, I would like to use it.


Here are some tips for you.  These will help us make your images together as beautiful as possible.

3. What to wear
2-1. Baby
The baby will be showing a lot of skin without a diaper if possible. I will bring white wraps and blant for the baby.
2-2. Family member's clothes
Please wear comfortable summer clothes you like.
Generally, simple clothes for the parents and family members go very well with the smooth skin of the newborn baby. A basic dark shirt can work as a nice backdrop for the baby. Since it is at your house, it is a good idea to have a few sets of clothes ready for the session. If you would like, I will be happy to help you pick the clothes when I arrive.
The images should be about you, not about your clothes. I would avoid designer clothes or shirts with texts as they are too strong and destructive, ending up stealing the viewers' attention from you.
Color patterns such as checkers, dots, or flowers are fun.

2-3. Wear light layers - summer clothes

To keep the baby warm during the photo shoot without much clothes, the room temperature will be set pretty high. Please have the family members also wear summer clothes.

2-4. No watches, please, as it's destructive.

2-5. If all the family members could wear clothes in harmony, that's even better.
2-6. Wedding rings and hands
While you hold your baby in the photos, the details of your fingers and hands will be shown there. Please have your nails clean. If you have wedding rings, I recommend you wear them.    
4. Makeup
Natural makeup looks good for family portraits.

5. Preparing your house

Please set the room temperature high for the naked baby (Ideally around 80 F). The temperature is a key. Your baby will not sleep when it's not warm enough. 

Don't worry about cleaning your house! I will need just a little space to set up the backdrop, which can be on the floor, couch, table or bed.

And I can find a nice simple wall or window for the standing poses. As you can see in the sample photos here, only part of your house will be shown in the images. To get better natural lighting, I may ask you if we can move the furniture or ornaments a little during the photo session.

6. Toys to help to draw toddler's attention
If you also have an older child, please have a couple of little toys. I would like to use them to draw their attention during the shoot.

7. Special props for you

If you have something special you would like to include in the images, please don't hesitate to show me before the session. As long as the baby is safe we can try!



Now let's have a fun photo session!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Yuko Hirao

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 832-370-5985