"I cannot recommend Yuko enough!!!! She was so patient with us and our then 7 week old baby girl, and she builds in time for naps, feeding, etc. She was also extremely patient with me when it came time to choose which photos we wanted to order...there were too many good ones to choose from! Thank you Yuko for making our first family photo shoot so pleasant and for giving us memories to last a lifetime."

N.T. in Rockville, MD - Family photo session at home (with a baby)


"Simply wonderful!  I loved her work online because there was something so natural yet whimsical about them, and the photos she did for our family was just that.  Often, family and baby photographs feel very staged but she really tries to capture the connections between family members and brings it out beautifully. Highly recommend."

B.L. in New York - Family photo session at park (with a toddler)


"I expected a tough photo session since my husband is usually very camera-shy and our two-year-old boy has his own mind and can’t pose…but not with Yuko!  She was so good at making us all comfortable while she was photographing. We played and had a fun time with her, so we didn’t worry about the camera. We were just happy and smiley. Thanks to her, having the photo session itself became our great family memory. Her images show the happiness and bonding of our family. Just staring at her images on the wall, I feel very warm. I am so happy with her work and the quality of it. I truly recommend Yuko Hirao Photography for her personable shooting session. She can create special images."

M.S. in Houston -Family photo session at park (with a toddler)


"She is a truly skilled & talented photographer! I was amazed when I saw the photos she took.
Very artistic & dreamy... She captured my son so well even though he was a non-stop active boy! I love my son's facial expressions in the pictures.
The finish work is so much better than another photographer I hired last time.
My husband, also an artist & designer, said 'They are excellent! And felt the composition & story in each photo. She is a real deal!'"

M.L. in New York -Family photo session at park (with a toddler)



I'm so happy we got Yuko to take photos of us. We received nice and memorable newborn images. Having the session at our own home with her friendly personality helped us to be relaxed in front of the camera. She was always quick and thorough in her email responses. Her post-shoot consultation was very informative, too. We definitely recommend Yuko if anyone is considering newborn photos. "

F.T. in Bethesda, MD -Family photo session at home (with a newborn baby)

"Yuko is a very passionate and skilled photographer.  She made a very comfortable and relaxing photo session for our newborn baby girl.  She created such fabulous pictures in our normal daily life setting, remarkable! It was such a great opportunity for us to have her take our pictures."

Y.R. in Houston -Family photo session at home (with a newborn baby)



It's so tough to guide the newborn to the perfect pose and capture the image in the right timing. While it took a lot of time, Yuko worked gently and nicely throughout the session. My entire family is really happy with how beautifully the images came out. I would love to have her again for my child's special occasions in the future! "

N.A. in New York -Family photo session at home (with a newborn baby)



I'm truly happy we got her to take photos of our newborn baby girl. As a newborn grows so quickly day by day, the photos give us the memory of her precious early day. We have the photos framed on our wall."

M.K. in New York -Family photo session at home (with a newborn baby)


"Our photo shoot with Yuko was comfortable and fun. She is very professional and warm, and it was a joy to work with her. She has a gift for capturing unique moments and images, and for working with children. Even our toddler was engaged in the process and had a great time! Her photos are beautiful and one of a kind. I highly recommend Yuko Hirao Photography."

A.E. in Santa Fe - Family photo photo session at home (with a newborn baby and a toddler)


"Yuko is a young passionate photographer, but I also found she is experienced and totally reliable about what she does. She has the character of gentleness and amazing patience to deal with little kids. My shy little girl quickly felt comfortable being photographed by her. I had her photograph my family a couple times already and we are so happy with her images: My daughter has a nice relaxed smile in her photos. She took a lot of photos and carefully preselected a group of nice shots for me. I am sure other people can find their true favorites from her images, too."

Y.S. in Santa Fe - Family photo session at home & park (with a toddler)