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Images from photo shows: "Colors of Happiness" & "Colors in Santa Fe" at Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM

All prints in this gallery are for sale.

Each print is carefully printed and signed by the photographer. (Archival ink, museum-quality acid-free mat and backing)

Image size (Frame/Mat size)
16x24 (24x32): $320.00 (Framed), $260.00 (Matted), $200.00 (Print only)
12x18 (18x24): $230.00 (Framed), $180.00 (Matted), $150.00 (Print only)
10x15 (16x20): $120.00 (Matted), $100.00 (Print only)
8x12 (12x16): $85.00 (Matted), $70.00 (Print only)

Shipping & Handling: $10
Magical window - winterMagical window - FallMagical window-LightningForest falling asleepRainscapeGate to the night skyTree's yellow pendantOcean waveDance with wind IAutumn shower of lightPlayful wilderness IFollen lone leaf in snow in winter_Rainbow and birdHummingbird in backyardRoadside ChristmasAdobe house ChristmasStrong blueGlasses at night IFlower by the windowGolden sunrise for resting cranes