For Newborns (up to two weeks old)

Portrait Session at Your Home  

No traveling to the photo studio. I will come to you with the setup! After the childbirth it's common for both the baby and the parents to have skin problems, but I will retouch all the images one by one, so you have beautiful images like the samples here. 

An easy cozy session for the newborn baby and the new parents, and you will receive the very-best-quality images you and your family will cherish for the rest of your lives.

You can see more sample images for family portrait sessions in Newborn Babies Gallery.

For a child older than one month, please look at Babies & Kids Plan.


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Children develop different charms as they grow and I love photographing them at any age, but I must say there is something so special about newborns. From my newborn session, you will receive images of your newborn baby sleeping beautifully like an angel in a simple background. I will do solo newborn images, and also the newborn with parents, and with siblings, depending on your requests.

The best time to photograph newborn babies is when they are between six days old to two weeks old. After that it will be hard to have them stay asleep throughout the session. This will give parents too short a window to arrange the session after the birth of the baby, so please contact me while you are pregnant with the estimated due date, so that I can be ready for you when you would like your baby to be photographed.

The photo session I have with you is only a little part of my image making process.

Both the baby and the parents go through a significant change in their environment after the childbirth. It's very common that the baby's skin peels off and the mother also has her skin condition worse than normal because of all the stress. But don't worry. I will retouch any images you purchase one by one to bring them to the very best look. I offer a post-shoot consultation to help you pick which image will be the best image for your wall. You will have beautiful images of your family you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Shoot details

  • Available area: Rockville, Bathesda, Washington DC, and surrounding areas
  • Fee:   $290 for a family up to 4 people
    • Additional $30/person if there are more than 4 people

  • Session: About 3 hours including time for setting up and cleaning up There will be a plenty of breaks and feeding time for the newborn baby.

  • Location: Your house

What is included in this plan

  • Photo session and talent (No digital files nor prints are included)
  • General photo setup: Wrapping material, blankets as a backdrop, a few props
  • Online gallery for 3 months of your ordered images
  • [Optional] In-person online 90 minute post-shoot consultation via Skype with a custom presentation just for you [Optional]

Available days & time

  • SAT, SUN, Major holidays
  • Weekday mornings

Products I carry

  • Prints with retouching
  • Canvas gallery wrap with retouching
  • Digital downloads with/without retouching

You can order them individually or from a collection package. All of my products come with complimentary Facebook size JPEG files. Your images will be beautifully printed on archival paper by a reliable lab.

For example, 8x10 print is $35, Small JPEG File is $25, and 11x14 canvas wrap is $140.

I will give you the detailed price list before you make a reservation.

How it works

[Your session at home]

I will bring blankets and set up a simple backdrop at your house. You will be tired after delivering the baby and being new parents at that time, so this has a great advantage that you don't have to travel with the baby, and also you can just sit back and stay relaxed at your own home while I photograph your baby. Don't worry about cleaning your house! I will need just a little space to set up the backdrop, which can be on the floor, a couch, or a table. And I can find a nice simple wall or window for the standing poses. Expect to have a plenty of breaks while I'm there. The session takes about 3 hours.

[After the session]
I will take hundreds of photos during a photo session. And from those images I will pre-select about 40-50 of the best images for you. Two weeks after the session I will present you those images in an online album for your selection.

If you decide you don't need any further retouching, you will receive all your digital images here.

In the optional post-shoot consultation, we will review the images together by sharing my computer screen online. I can show you how prints will look in various sizes and crops. Maybe you would want to zoom in to show off your sparkling eyes, or maybe you want to convert the image to B&W to match your other art pieces. I will show you what I can do. 

For individual photo orders, I will spend hours and days to bring them to the best they can be. I will remove scratches and blemishes, work on the background and perfectly adjust tones and contrast photo by photo. Usually it will take about 1-2 weeks for this process.

Because I process photos individually, I will not be as quick as instant photo shooting studios. So, please keep that in your mind when you plan your photo session. It also depends on how much time you need to select your images, but you will receive your custom-made images 3-6 weeks after the session.

Cancellation Policy

I will take a $50 deposit as part of your session fee. The deposit will be used as part of your session fee. If you cancel the photo session within three weeks to your due date, I will keep your deposit as a cancellation fee. 

What if you are unhappy with any of my images after the photo session?

This has never happened before, but if you decide you don't want any of the images, I will be happy to have another photo session with you free of charge or fully refund all of the session fee.