Preparation for a Home Photo Session (Kids)

You can see more sample images for family portrait sessions in Babies & Little Kids Gallery.

Sample_05Sample_05A 3-week-old newborn baby boy, sleeping in his mother's arms. Sample_01-6Sample_01-6A young caucasian mother, embracing her beautiful 9-month-old baby girl with full of love. Sample_03Sample_03A 3-month-old baby girl's feet, wrapped in her mother and father's hands. Shows strong bonding, and care, guidance and protection. Sample_1819470Sample_1819470 170304_4555170304_4555SonyA77


How you prepare yourself for the photo session is very important to receive good images at the end of the photo session.  

Here are some tips for you.  These will help us make your images together as beautiful as possible.

1. What to wear

1-1. Wear nice and comfortable clothes you like - something like a little better version of your everyday clothes. I want you to be able to sit and lay down on the ground, jump, and run comfortably. Especially with kids, if they are wearing brand new shoes and feeling uncomfortable, it will show in the images. So please wear comfortable clothes you don't mind getting a little dirt on.


1-2. GENERIC DESIGN like GAP is recommended

The images should be about you, not about your clothes.

Designer clothes (recognizable copy-righted designs, logos, or any texts) tend to be too strong and destructive, ending up stealing viewers' attention from you.

Color patterns such as checkers, dots, or flowers are fun.

I recommend generic design clothes.


1-3. Wear light layers - summer and spring clothes

Summer/spring clothes will make the best images to be enjoyed throughout the year. So I would like to shoot with least layers as possible. 


1-4. A watch gets destructive in images, so I recommend to take it off.


1-5. If all the family members can wear clothes in harmony, that's great.

1-6. Finger tips

Especially with a little baby, your hands often appear next to your baby in close ups, so keep them clean. I recommend wearing a wedding ring if you have one. 

2. Hair style

I suggest to arrange your / your kid's hair style in the way that the hair does not come down and hide your face when you look down.


3. Makeup

Natural makeup looks good for family portraits.


4. Toys to help to draw kid's attention

Please bring a couple of little toys or something your kid likes. I would like to use them to draw their attention during the shoot.


5. Fun props for the session

Toys, bubbles, balloons, bicycle... They will make your kid happy and make fun active images!


6. Preparing your house

And I can find a nice simple wall or window for the standing poses. As you can see in the sample photos here, only part of your house will be shown in the images. It will be helpful to have windows areas available, but please don't worry about cleaning your house too much!

To get better natural lighting, I may ask you if we can move the furniture or ornaments a little during the photo session.


Now let's have a fun photo session!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Yuko Hirao

Email:  [email protected]