Free Family Shoot for Commercial Use

I'm looking for family models for my commercial photography business.

You will receive beautiful commercial-quality images of your family and you can use them freely for your personal use (printing images, etc.). All the families who have modeled for me have been very happy with their images.

Your images may be purchased and used for business websites, blogs, magazines, printer lab samples, etc.

I'm mainly thinking of your family photos and possibly Bertie and Erin together if I can get someone to baby sit Erin. It will make more interesting photos after Bertie can sit up a little, so we can plan a session for April or May.

Bertie will be the prince of the session, so his needs will come first... if he gets sleepy or needs to get fed, please feel free to comfort him. We may end up with less photos but with better quality in that way. I will be happy if I can pull off a few photos out of this session that I can use for my business, so please don't feel pressured that you have to have him happy throughout the session. I will try hard to get at least one good solo image of Bertie and one good image of your family. Let's hope Bertie will be happy and cooperative, so we will end up with a lot of great images!

Whether or not Mark joins in the session is up to your guys, but please make sure he is okay with the commercial use of Bertie's images as well. 


Photo samples

Shoot details

  • Fee: Free
  • Session: Three hours maximum
  • Location: Your house or my house (or Prospect Park if the weather is really warm) I prefer your place over mine if possible.

Available days and time

  • Available days: FRI, SAT, Holidays (I may be able to do it during weekdays while Neil is at home)
  • Time for an indoor session: When the location gets most sunlight between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. I use the window light as the main lighting source, so the session will be postponed if it's rainy and dark. 
  • Time for an outdoor session: Starting at 8:30 am in the morning to use the soft morning light. 

Your compensation

  • Large JPEG files - About 30-50 images. I will send them to you about one week after the session.
  • I will also give you compressed JPEG files with my logo. Please use these images if you would like to share them on social media.

What I ask from you

Every family member will be required to sign a model release before the photo session to give me and the buyers the legal permission to use the photos commercially. The model 's personal information on the model release is completely confidential and will NOT be exposed or sold to the public. Also, identifying who the model is from just seeing the image in use is nearly impossible without the information of "when" and "where" the image was taken.

There are some restrictions of what you can wear - basic clothes with no logos nor text.

[Important] YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to upload any of my JPEG images without my logo directly to your Facebook Account or similar unprotected sites, as anyone would be able to download them, which would severely hurt my business.

To share images on the social media, please use the online gallery or the compressed JPEG files with my logo.


This has never happened before, but if you decide you do not want your images sold commercially after the shoot for some unexpected reason, I will respect your decision about your images, however, there will be a voiding charge of $450.00. I will not be able to collect already sold images from buyers.

If you are uncomfortable with a commercial session, you will be happier with my regular portrait session. Please check here for the details:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Yuko Hirao

Email  [email protected]


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